iOS6 vs iOS7, The Visual Differences

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We all heard about iOS7 since the last Apple WWDC, we have seen it and we’re absolutely excited for the revamped! This version of iOS7 is highly anticipated because Johnny Ive is the one who led the team. The most noticeable change is the UI interface, Apple no longer using skeuomorphism design concept, they get rid of it and replace it with flat, simple and minimal interface.

Here we have  a long list of comparison between iOS6 and iOS7. First two comparisons, we found it via @Pawsupforu, and the last one from Phoceis







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  • James Briano

    Will that really be the Game Center icon?

  • ceebeeNor

    not impressed by the icons, but the way they have opened up the screen and removed or hidden the excess informations tabs and other “info” is brilliant!

    • Totally agreed. Those icons hurt my eyes and I can’t believe those will sit on my phone screen soon.