Notable New Top Level Domains to be Launched in 2015

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Remember the beginnings of the internet? There were just a handful of top level domains – you know, the part of the internet address at the very and, after the dot. All countries had their reserved TLDs – .us for the United States, .uk for the United Kingdom, and so on – and there were some generic domain names reserved for various structures, like businesses (.com), networks (.net), organizations (.org), educational institutions (.edu) and several others. New TLDs were hard to introduce due to the very structure of the domain name system – until recently, when the ICANN (the organization responsible for the maintenance and allocation of unique identifiers on the internet) started introducing new generic domains.


In the 2000s the ICANN introduced new domain names for a series of purposes: .asia (pretty self explanatory), .eu, .jobs, .travel, .mobi or .cat (specific for website in the Catalan language). Later the system was liberalized – everyone could propose new top level domains starting 2012. Many new generic domain extensions (gTLDs) were approved in the last few years. Some of them can already be registered – like .club, .nyc and many others – and others will become available for registration during 2015. Below you can find a selection of these.

March 2015

New gTLDs like .legal, .memorial, .money, .coach and .green will become available in March 2015. These are all pretty self explanatory.

April 2015

Some of the gTLDs to become available in April include .tires, .flowers, .wedding, .fashion and .garden, as well as a very specific TLD destined to gather websites involved with the most popular card game of history, poker (.poker domain).

May 2015

In May we can expect several interesting domain names to become available: .ngo (for non-governmental organizations), .design, .bingo, .chat, .style. A welcome addition to the world of websites, don’t you think?

More domains in the second half of 2015

In the second half of this year we can expect some interesting gTLD’s to become available. The list includes several geographical names (.amsterdam, .budapest or .boston), names of various businesses and industries (.car, .cafe, .film), sports (.tennis, .football), interests (.pets, .wine, .kids, among others). Some of the most interesting ones to expect are those promising savings for their visitors (like .sale, .deal or .free), educational gTLDs (.school, for example), various online themed ones (.app, .blog, and so on) and some very specific ones for various services not available for minors (.casino, for example, perfect for providers of top casino games at red flush and their visitors).

With these new generic top level domain names the internet will become a medium much easier to categorize. Businesses, blogs, websites, services and operators will have the possibility to choose the perfect gTLD for their industry, and visitors will know what to expect as soon as they lay their eyes on an internet address.



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