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Hungarian photographer Bence Bakonyi developed a series of photography named “Transform”. A colourful locations and people with same dressed same colour clothes where used this outstanding project.

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Creative McDonald’s ‘Happy Meal’ Boxes paper scenes  by Helen Musselwhite from Manchester. She love to work on large-scale projects for brands and small commissions for private clients. A lot of her inspirations come from the British countryside. If you’d like to see your imagined idea realised in paper. She can also create new pieces which are similar…

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Creative Business Card Designs

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Business card used to be just a piece of rectangle paper with a person details in it. But nowadays, with some creativity and design, business card can be really attractive and worth keeping it. A good business can give a good impression to other people and here we have a collection of business cards. Some…

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Creative Billboards

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A very clever and brilliant advertisement champaign from IBM. This is the best billboard I have ever seen so far especially the bench billboard and ramp billboard for people with luggages. Clever advertising with a purpose is easier to attract your attention and promote your business to society. Bench Billboards Rain Shelter Billboard Stair Ramp…

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Creative Halloween Makeup Ideas

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Halloween is almost here, we decided to showcase 20 of the best and scary Halloween makeup ideas for women and make an awesome Halloween experience. Go and scare people! Have a good time this coming Halloween.                                        …

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