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Incredible 3D Optical Illusions

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Artist Justen Ladda from New York  has an amazing idea to cheat both of your eyes. Since the 1980s, Ladda has create so many different 3D art scenes that will just blow your mind. Before he creating an 3D art, the artist visualizes the work in his mind and paying close attention to the very…

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These photos are taken by UK photographer Rosie Hardy, every pictures that she took were then being modified into something much more complex.  Most of her photo themes are about Love, Identity, Fantasy, and Dreams. Each photo looks like a painted piece of fine art. These are a few photos of my favorite taken from…

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Origami Inspired, Shape-shifting Bag

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Omni bag is a clever shape-shifting bag inspired by Origami. There isn’t any bags out there that offer this, a bag that can transform into different shapes. Depend on what you want to carry, with slight adjustment and folding, you can easily change its shape. Omni is a collection of multipurpose foldable bags, suitable for…

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DIY Digital Camera

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Making a camera seems to be an impossible task, here we have an open source D.I.Y. digital camera created by Coralie Gourguechon. It’s assembled with cardboard and power by the famous open source Arduino. In case you haven’t heard of Arduino, it is an open-source electronics prototyping platform based on flexible, easy-to-use hardware and software….

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46 Stunningly Creative Car Ads

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There are always a competition among all car manufacturers. Every year, they release new models to compete with each other and it’s exactly the same with car advertising as well. Thanks to all the creative people in ads agency, they always create ads that’s entertaining, memorable and sometimes simply fascinating! We’ve been digging around the…

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This ongoing personal photography project is called “Follow Me To”. There is always a same model, holding hand of hers boyfriend, Murad Osmann who is also the photographer. They took these photo as they travel around the world. He captures not only hers girlfriend, also the beauty of different places. A romantic and unique photography…

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The Visual History of Wolverine’s Suit

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The Wolverine is a high anticipated movie which will be released soon! We’re expecting it to sweep the box office like a hurricane. Here we have a visual history of Wolverine’s suit created by He’s been called Weapon X, Weapon Omega, Patch, James Howlett, Old man logan, and Death… But we know him best…

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