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80 Creative Ads Campaigns

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Creative advertisements that make you look twice, If advertisement campaigns don’t make good first impression or they don’t catch your attention within seconds they are considered as failed campaign. The idea of advertisements must be really out of the box, something that could makes you laugh and talks about it or at least make you…

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Famous Movies Cars

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Spanish graphic designer and illustrator Jesús Prudencio created a series of beautiful posters that feature iconic cars from popular movies. DeLorean from Back to the Future, VW van from Little Miss Sunshine, MINI Cooper from The Italian Job, and other memorable cars were first sketched on paper and then colored using a Wacom tablet. These…

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Excellent DIY plane model was constructed by Jack Munro and charlotte Austen. The materials are timber, steel and the cover of the body was constructed with 6500 eggs for Soldiers egg box. This Spitfire plane took 6 weeks to complete. It took 1.5 gallons of glue, 5000 nails and 2.5 gallons of paint. It will…

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Awesome Telephone Booths

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Wonderful artwork and design i have ever seem. You will find out these in Sao Paulo, Brazil. Those Artists were contacted by the telephone operators at Sao Paulo to give the phone-booths a stylish look. Perfectly with the scenery and will give you an interesting new perspective.

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7 Important Rules for Freelancers

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Some full time workers might think freelancing life could be much better. Well, yes and no. Yes is because you will have more time to do you own stuff, you’re self-employed and basically you are your own boss. However, as a freelancer, it could be pretty tough to maintain life and work balance. Here we…

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Star War Guitars

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Unique guitars created by British guitar maker Tom Bingham by using some star war toys combined with electric guitars. He spent almost 3 months to build each guitar, these guitars are equipped with some bright LED lights.

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This awesome poster series is designed for Mint Vinetu bookstore in Vilnius, Lithuania promote classic literature and show the power of books. Created by LOVE agency, clever posters encourage people to read books and experience the life of the main characters.“Become someone else: Pick your hero at the Mint Vinetu bookstore…”

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