5 Tips for Expanding the Congregation at Your Place of Worship

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Whether you’re a pastor, rabbi, deacon, or just a member of the congregation, chances are you’d like to see a higher attendance with more people enjoying and benefiting from the services. Expanding the congregation at a place of worship is an important part of facilitating growth in the organization and making a lasting and powerful impact on the community. Most ministries aim to reach as many people as possible with their message. After all, what’s the point of having something great to share and say if there aren’t many people there to hear it? Here are five reliable ways to expand a congregation in an appropriate and effective manner:

1. Hand Out Church Flyers

One of the easiest and cheapest things you can do to raise awareness about your church is to simply hand out small church flyers. You can even use a simple app to make flyers based on templates so that you do not have to pay a graphic designer. Try to make the flyers convey the main message and mission of your church while also introducing people to the services you have to offer.

2. Hold Celebrations and Feasts

People absolutely love food and festivities, so why not hold a feast, celebration, or fair. There’s nothing wrong with using a little food and fun to bring people in the doors. After all, when people are well fed and enjoying themselves they’re more likely to engage in fellowship.

3. Decorate Well and Have a Noticeable Sign

Try to make your church stand out visually and show that you’re not only different but you’re boldly proclaiming your church’s uniqueness and desire to serve. If you can get passersby to think “Hmm, well that was a good one” after seeing your sign, you are on the right track.

4. Be Active and Helpful in the Community

Nothing leaves a lasting impression more than genuine compassion. This is something you should already be practicing, but you can make the simple adjustment of inviting people to your church after lending a helping hand. There’s nothing wrong with wanting someone to enjoy some spiritual edification after giving them a boost up. Ultimately, good deeds are the best recruiting tools, so don’t neglect to do something kind for someone on a daily basis, even if it’s not the holidays.

5. Network with Friends and Neighbors

Don’t overlook the power of simple networking and leveraging long-term relationships. The people closest to you are more likely to give your place of worship a chance than a random stranger off the street, so it makes sense to start with your immediate circle.

Don’t Rush It

Sometimes all it takes to see a higher attendance is a bit of patience and going with the flow. There’s no need to be overly aggressive about bringing people in immediately. When you try to take that approach, it can actually deter people from wanting to attend your church for fear that the rest of the congregation might also be pushy.



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